i’ve tried most backup solutions for my lab, i settled on restic with minio as the storage component. i’m super happy with it.

backups are triggered via a jenkins job. i take daily backups of all machines, excluding system folders that aren’t needed.

everything is backed up to my own local minio instance and another jenkins job trims the amount of backups kept in storage. these backups are then synced to another machine on my network and uploaded to my gsuite account.

the best part of this setup is that restic is quick, it encrypts and it dedupes. it also allows for just straight mounting a backup to the machine, then restoring only the files you want. minio completes this because object storage is so much better than raw file storage, especially when dealing with millions upon millions of files and ionode issues.

the end result is that i have something fast, really flexible, scriptable and automatable. what more can you even ask for?