i host quite a lot of domains. this page will constantly be a work in progress as i retire some (sub)domains and add more.
cloudflare handles the nameservers and lets-encrypt handles SSL.

everything lab related is housed here. - selfhosted gitea instance. this is absolutely invaluable to my lab. it’s highly integrated with jenkins/ansible and helps immensely with automation, mirroring repos and obviously, revisions. - grafana instance, complete with loki/promtail. my primary use with grafana is actually with loki and parsing logs from rsyslog/promtail. the graphs sure are pretty though. - this is an automation tool built from huginn. it’s primary use is scraping github releases and esxi/mikrotik patch updates, then feeding them into daily emails. - jenkins is the brain of my lab. i handle all deployment/updates and most automation from here. ansible is also tied into this closely. this literally does 90% of day to day maintenance for me. - nextcloud. probably the oldest part of my lab, nothing much to say here. - zabbix. if jenkins is the brain, zabbix is the beating heart keeping track of every single machine both in my lab and offsite. zabbix is easily the most important part of my lab. - znc is an IRC bouncer. i host this at frantech in luxembourg.

this is the home domain for my plex server. plex is at, ombi is at and tautulli is at
i offer access to friends and family, i don’t charge for access but i do take donations at my patreon.

ombi - ombi is for requesting tv-shows and movies, it’s setup to auto accept all requests by default.
tautulli - statistics! is hosted offsite, on servers leased from ovh.

i used my downtime to consolidate everything i’ve learned about running servers to start up a business doing a freelancy sysadmin type thing. there’s not a whole lot to say about it yet as a bunch of stuff isn’t public but beta testing is going well.
nothing for this domain is hosted at my lab (uptime reasons), it’s mostly at ovh.
currently it’s handling about ~60gbps of bandwidth, ~300tb of disk space and between 2-4pb of data a month!

this is my oldest domain and it’s used for gameservers and teamspeak! - teamspeak3.
these servers are using lgsm.

this domain holds a bunch of tools for an eve online alliance. - fork of dscantool to parse local/dscan reports. - fork of skillq to manage characters and skill training. - fork of buysys that handles my moon/mineral buyback scheme. - fork of evestructures to manage citadels fuel and status. - stock install of eveseat.
this domain is handled entirely from my homelab.
free file hosting. invite only currently, no size limits, no bandwidth limits and no ads. faq.

pretty pogchamp domain if you ask me.
it used to run wordpress, i’ve since ported it over with hugo and it’s now hosted on github-pages.

blog that i haven’t updated in far too long.
it used to run wordpress, i’ve migrated it to github-pages with hugo.

i wrote a massive guide on setting up your own plex server a while back.
it’s pretty out of date now and is due an update.
this also used run wordpress. i recently finished migrating it to github-pages with hugo.
i eventually did port everything i learned from this over to a startup i’m working on -!