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The networking setup is due an overhaul so this page will change quite a bit over the next year.


Virgin Media, 340 down and 35 up.


I run opnsense in a baremetal Dell R310.

The sucky part here is that I currently run a bridge between 1 & 10g which is far from optimal. I also haven't yet setup VLans which is on the to-do list.

Several backup Mellanox 10g cards and spare cables ensure redundancy. If the 10g switch was to fail (currently) I'd have to swap over to 1g cables - I'm planning on setting up automatic failover to 1g just in case.

opnsense backs up its config to my Nextcloud install every night and soon will be fully setup with snort for an extra layer of security.


The hypervisors themselves use google DNS. Everything else is routed internally to two pihole instances, one on each hypervisor for redundancy.


Each server is setup with Dell enterprise iDracs to allow remote admin of the servers themselves, these are secured with certs signed by my own CA and limited to local network access.